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Our Story

GraceCity, formerly The Grace Network, was founded in August 2011 by Chris & Melisa Stambaugh to holistically combat the issue of human trafficking in the Sacramento region. It’s been nothing short of a miracle to experience all that God has done since that time. GraceCity has mobilized thousands of leaders to leverage their influence and resources in helping hurting young people in the city of Sacramento.

Our Vision

“To See Lives Transformed by Grace and Empowered to Impact the City and Beyond.”


Our Mission

“GraceCity Exists to Rebuild the City by Renewing Hope and Restoring Justice in North Sacramento.”


Our Values

6IX CITY VALUES: The DNA of GraceCity’s Culture

1. Acceptance

2. Greater Grace

3. Cultural Humility

4. Radical Generosity

5. Push The Envelope

6. Unity For The City

Meet the Team

Chris Stambaugh

Chris Stambaugh

Chris Stambaugh is the President of GraceCity, an organization dedicated to transforming and empowering lives in North Sacramento. Serving in the non-profit field for 18 years, Chris trusts this experience to help mobilize and train other leaders on how to thrive while serving in dark places.

Once a homeless teen, now an activist and advocate for hurting young people spanning the Sacramento region, where Chris has lived for 20 years. Chris loves utilizing creativity and modern mediums to help engage people to reach the next generation. He is passionate about helping others be all who God created them to be.

Chris has been married to Melisa for 11 years and has 4 children: Kourage (10), Selah (7), Samantha (4), and Kaiden (1). Chris loves basketball, music, speaking and writing.

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John Ramey

Board Member

Aslan Child Rescue

Allison Hyatt

Board Member

Freeman Mathis & Gary

Chad Salstrom

Board Member


Melisa Stambaugh